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For high thermal performance, durability, security and slim sightlines, our aluminium windows are a great choice.  We carry three ranges of Aluminium Windows to give our customers the freedom to choose what suits their budget and their aspirations. Including Flush Sashes and high quality hardware, our windows bring elegance and performance to your home or development.


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Available in matching profiles as Single, French, Corner and Bi-Folding Doors


Great for a entry or access door, the Origin Single Door offers the same stylish design as the Bi-fold Doors and French Door sets, to ensure a harmonious look between the window and door systems.

Key benefits of the Origin system

Applications & Options

  • 20 Year Guarantee

  • 8 point locking System

  • PAS 23/24 Security rated

  • Panels from 400mm up to 1200mm wide

  • Smooth running 'Free Glide' system

  • Finger-safe gasket technology

  • Low Threshold Option (under 1cm high)

  • Thermally efficient

  • Ultra-Slim, lightweight, durable frames

  • Advanced seals available in seven colours for a complimentary finish

  • New Build and Renovation Projects

  • Ground floor and above

  • Balconies

  • Heritage and Conservation areas

  • Properties which already benefit from Origin Windows

Some of the many options available

  • 150+ RAL Colours to choose from

  • Dual colour (different finishes inside to outside)

  • 8 Handle Styles


Origin Single Door

Like all other Origin products, the single door is manufactured from a premium grade aluminium for aesthetically pleasing slim sightlines as well as maximum security.


Only prime billets of extruded aluminium are used for manufacturing, so a flawless finish and operation can be expected when choosing Origin.


The Origin Single Door is also able to come with or without a mid-rail.


Origin French Door

Great for balconies or for where space is at a premium, an Origin French Door set ensures you get the most from your view, regardless of what room you’re in.


Alternatively, they can be used to perfectly complement traditional style properties such as cottages and bungalows.


Similar to our Bi-fold Doors and Single Doors, the French Doors can be manufactured so that they can open inwards or outwards to help maximise space.


As they are hinged, they can open a full 180 degrees, but will only open as far as the brick work or wall will allow. If you would prefer not to have your doors opening this far, your installer can easily attach hooks to the door or wall as required to prevent this.


Are able to fit in apertures ranging from 1.4-2.4m, and if fixed panes are added on either side (or ‘flags’ as they are sometimes referred to as), it means that they can fit into apertures of up to 3.8m, offering a truly flexible way to find your perfect door.


As with all of our doors, our French Door sets are manufactured with precision and expertise, not to mention a premium quality aluminium.


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Popular, reliable, secure.


Available in a wide range of styles and formats, our stylish aluminium Entrance door system is suitable for both light and medium-duty use.


Designed with security and flexibility front of mind, every door in the range is available in single and double configurations making them ideal for almost any application.

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Key benefits of the Origin system

  • Excellent Value

  • PAS 24 Certified for Security

  • Secured by Design Accredited

  • Multi-point locking

  • Excellent thermal performance in Triple Glazed variant

  • British Manufactured

  • Fast turnaround for standard colours

  • Can accept double or triple glazed units for outstanding thermal and acoustic performances

  • More than 150 colours to choose from

FX Glazing, glazing in Cambridgeshie

Applications & Options

  • New Build and Renovation Projects

  • Ground floor and above

  • Highly Suitable for Heritage and Conservation Areas

  • Available in Fixed, Casement, Bay and Gable Configurations.

Some of the many options available

  • Single inward or Outward Opening

  • Double inward or Outward Opening

  • Triple Glazing

  • Low Threshold

  • Solid Infilled or Glazed

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